You Can Help Defeat Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote Scheme, this November

Vote NO on National Popular Vote this November:

In spring 2019, Colorado’s Governor signed legislation committing Colorado to the National Popular Vote compact. This means Colorado’s 9 electoral votes would be awarded to the candidate who wins the most votes nationwide, not necessarily to the candidate who wins Colorado. That’s wrong. Colorado’s votes for President should go to the candidate who gets the most votes in Colorado.

Vote NO on National Popular Vote, the Colorado Electoral Vote Giveaway.

In February 2019, the Colorado General Assembly passed a bill (known as Senate Bill 19-042 or SB 42) to require Colorado’s Electoral Votes go to the winner of the National Popular Vote, (NPV). 

This end-run around the Constitution requires Colorado’s 9 Presidential Electors to cast their votes for the candidate for President who received the most votes nationally, even if that candidate DID NOT receive the most votes in Colorado.

Demanding Colorado’s Electors cast their votes this way is theft of our votes for President and gives them to more populated areas like New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Protecting Colorado’s Votes for President

Colorado has a strong referendum system where voters can block implementation of a bill passed by the General Assembly. Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese and Monument Mayor Don Wilson filed a petition with the Secretary of State to block implementation of SB 42 and the National Popular Vote in Colorado. We had 90 days to collect 200,000 signatures to put this question on the November 2020 ballot. We collected enough signatures, and now the National Popular Vote law will be blocked from implementation in Colorado until all Coloradans can vote on it directly in November 2020. If we beat the National Popular Vote in 2020, then Colorado cannot participate in the National Popular Vote Agreement.

Want to read the legislation for yourself?

Read the bill

Read the ballot title

How You Can Help

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This is about We The People holding politicians accountable who want to give away our vote, and our voice.

Contributions of all sizes are appreciated and help us share this message farther and wider.

An educated vote, is a powerful vote.


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Protect Colorado’s Vote
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